Big Pine Key Moose Lodge 1585
Lodge Officers 2017 - 2018
LOOM Lodge 1585

Governor: Ken Bygler
Administrator:  Bill Lechnar
Jr. Governor:  Vacant
Jr. Past Governor:  Patrick Stree
Prelate:  Jim Gambino
Treasurer: Jim Stockton
Trustee (1 year):  Ray Fries
Trustee (2 year):  Artie Pontcoruo
Trustee (3 year):  Chuck Chartrand
Application Review:  Steve Mauriello
Publications:  Chuck Chartrand
Community Service:  Ken Bygler
Moose Charities:  Chuck Chartrand
Ritual:  Artie Engler
Sgt. at Arms: Jacob Roman
Safety:  Chuck Chartrand

WOTM Chapter 1810

Senior. Regent: Ellen Guilford
Junior Regent:
Jr. Graduate Regent:
Guide:  Leslie Howard
Membership:  DiAne Rullan
Activities and Sports: 
Community Service:  Dorothy Mauriello
Higher Degrees: 
Mooseheart/Moosehaven:  Teresa Davis
Application Review: Dorothy Mauriello

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